AriXsun Energy's Vision

In terms of energy efficiency the solar industry has come a long way in the past decade. The ability for companies to distribute their products has not followed the same path of innovation. Creating the best performing solar panels and other solar products cannot be accomplished within the traditional wholesale and distributor based sales model. Innovation will not happen when you are building products for dealers and not for the end user.

The brick and mortar retailer is becoming a thing of the past. Traditionally they were the boots on the ground for manufacturers. Now customers have become researchers and enthusiasts of their own hobbies which has made the middle man obsolete. This older business model created a "lowest price wins" game that drove brands into the ground due to the way they decreased their cost. A race to the bottom improves nothing. We do not want to build our energy products with an already determined price point. We have seen that doing so forces the manufacturer to cut corners and use lower grade materials in order to meet those pricing structures.

By eliminating the wholesale pricing tier we are able to provide a world class product at prices much lower than what you would find at a local dealer or even online. All of this while still innovating with only the thought of a finished good in the hands of our customers. We design our solar energy products constructed of the highest quality materials, utilizing the latest technologies and manufacturing processes in North America. Experience extremely competitive pricing for the most efficient solar products on the market.

We are fully transparent when it comes to our partners that help us build and source product within the sustainable energy industry. We have established an agreement with Zamp Solar in Bend Oregon to manufacture our monocrystalline line of solar panels in their state of the art US production facility. In turn we are able to source their charge controllers and inverters which in the end will deliver both quality and savings to our customers. Partnering with the best companies in the world helps us scale while providing products that can be trusted when it counts.  

The proof that this model works is in the quality of products we are able to sell from day one. You can believe that we are using our own gear everyday. As we introduce new and innovative products our ability to push past the lack of quality from our competitors will allow us to grow quickly. We are very excited to exceed everyone’s expectations when it comes to discovering solar energy.